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 The Book of Tzadiks

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PostSubject: The Book of Tzadiks   The Book of Tzadiks Icon_minitimeThu Dec 22, 2011 3:29 pm

The Life and Death of a Spinozist

Company: The Civil matriarchal lineage. You can never declare son or daughter of a man Spinoza, because it is women that mark descent with certainty, and send names, inheritance and personal property and titles. No function for Spinoza is hereditary: each does what he can do, what it can do, post-trial advice of the righteous, wise Admor or by position.

Food Rules: We do not eat "the foster mother and his fruit on the same day": Banned eating the same day a bottle of milk followed by beef (unless either goat milk or sheep). The report is ethically wrong. Same with wine and grapes on the same day, or bread and beer, or egg and poultry, or cider and calvados, ... Only one nutrient each day of the same origin. In order to comply diversity of nature, and protecting our environment.

The Sabbath: From sunset Friday until sunset the following day is devoted to meditation, but also at work. Forbidden to travel that day and obligation to work for others. If necessary, go to work at RMI for the village ... The collective meditations are held by pastoralists during the day Saturday, in schools Spinozist, or any place that allows both the recollection and discussion (clearing, on a river, etc. ...).

Birth: Spinoza The child is educated by his parents, or parent if unmarried mother or widow. There is no a bastard for Spinozist, or large or small birth: each is a party, because it is the arrival of a thinking mode, so the approximation of the arrival of Spinoza (statistically speaking). But the child n has no strong will, not of baptism, which only serves to save a soul from hell, which Spinoza does not believe. The child is cherished for what it is (a mode of thinking can will), not for what it is.

10: The child is presented to the community, it is Spinozist, but could not move in the tree of knowledge: it is simply the knowledge learned in Spinoza.

14 years : Unveiling the community. Age of Reason: Meditation should be practiced daily at the age of 14. This may be mediated alone or in groups, but the isolation of monastic type is prohibited because it cuts the believer to the reality of the world. The Spinoza gives his official entry into the community, and chose to join (which he does can not do in 10 years, according to Spinoza).

16: Possibility of marriage, increase in the tree of knowledge, in short: adulthood. At this point, Spinoza full, with all rights and all duties of a respected community member. It is also recommended that the Spinozist thinkers have another professional activity and they should not live worship. This avoids the temptations associated with the mixture of personal interests with the interests of religion. Marriage: Only consenting adults can marry and magnets. No religious ceremony, but official recognition of the community, everything is in one to another child care in case of death of a spouse, etc. ... The marriage is real, but not before God, before the Spinozist themselves. To do this, just three nights under the same roof for both concerned, if they so request to the pastor of their field, that these, with their agreements to both, may be declared husband and wife.

Separation: Divorce is accepted by the community Spinozist. If both spouses agree, their separation is formalized by the pastor of their field. Otherwise The Council of Elders may have to decide on the conditions of separation (Donnat of real and personal property). Part of the furniture in the house met at the door and dusk, the furniture is burned, symbolizing the breaking the couple. If a member of the community disagrees with the separation, it can show its disapproval by serving a period of silence to the member of the couple he disapproves of his choice. We can obviously silence the two former spouses. In all cases, silence can not be prescribed more than 7 days in the case of a divorce. If the mother wants the children entrusted to them, no argument can be ex-husband. The titles of nobility are unalterable and remain the one who has been Honnoré: the spouse loses the title "consort."

Death: Two days of silence, then two days of intensive exchange, referring to the death of his actions, his family, memories he has left, etc ... Then two days of intensive party : it was possible to mourn the disappeared for four days, we must now rent it for all he has brought to the community.
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The Book of Tzadiks
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